Lifeways Ofada Rice -1.5kg Stone Free


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Lifeways Ofada Rice -1.5kg Stone Free

Lifeways Ofada Rice -1.5kg is unpolished and natural with the flavour and aroma intact. As African rice is more difficult to mill and polish, some or all of the rice bran is left on the grain, strengthening the flavour and making it more nutritious. Brown ofada rice is often very highly aromatic, whereas white ofada rice is typically non-aromatic. They are also known for swelling in size when cooked. It is sometimes processed using fermentation, which adds an aromatic quality to the product.

Ofada rice is typically priced higher compared to other available rice, and it has been regarded as a sign of status symbolism by some people. In contemporary times, it is sometimes served at classy parties

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Benefits of Ofada Rice

Lifeways Ofada Rice -1.5kg Stone Free

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